Why does Zeno translate the Title “Das Elefantenschiff” not “The Elephantship”, which would be a correct translation? Why did he choose “The Elefantship” instead?

Zeno made a stupid mistake, when he filed for the Trademark “The Elefantship” in September 2022. Too arrogant to double-check the translation, he relied on his far-from-perfect English-skills. Only when the German Patent and Trade Mark Office finally accepted his application for the trademark, Zeno realized the Problem.

But then he figured that a Typo might be part of a strategy. The situation is similar to that of the trademark venpick, which comprises a typo as well. Is’s intended meaning is “wenpick“. Zeno figured, that the Typo might prove to be an advantage when using the trademark, and refrained from correcting the Typo.

Even more interesting: the Title “The Elefantship” turns out to be a metaphor for the hubris associated with Zenos mental disorder, the Bipolar disorder. That’s why Zeno appreciates his Typo a lot and why he associates the keyword “mad” with this post.

Terrible Typo

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